Training Swampert

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Training Swampert

Post by kellyman96 on Sun Apr 12, 2015 12:19 am

What is the best way to train Swampert from Pokemon Emerald Version and what are its highest possible stats?


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Re: Training Swampert

Post by Xavier1942 on Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:53 pm

Swampert has high HP(base 100) and Attack(base 110). your better off training up its attack stat and HP, both defense and special defense are base 90 so it should take be able to take neutral hits well, base special attack is 85 and his base speed is 60. so swampert is basically a tank to a degree.
ik this is emerald and not omega ruby but for the heck of it im gonna post mega swamperts base stats:
HP 100
Attack 150
Defense 110
Sp. Attack 95
Sp. Defense 110
Speed 70

so yeah if your gonna EV train it somehow put the EVs into attack and hp and any spare evs not used for those 2 stats can go into his defense.

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